The Mystery Girl From The Arrowverse Crossover Will Appear On The Flash


This year’s “Arrowverse” crossover was a huge home run for the CW and all of the shows involved. “Crisis On Earth-X” played out a like one cohesive four hour movie, and it also managed to plant some interesting seeds for each individual show along the way.

In the first hour of the crossover, Barry was set to marry Iris in a church, when a mysterious girl showed up who seemed to be overexcited to meet Barry. She talked to Barry for a brief moment then disappeared, leaving fans to wonder who she is.

The most popular theory seems to be that the mystery woman could be Dawn Allen, the daughter of Iris and Barry from the future, or Jenni Ognats, Barry’s granddaughter.

When Barry asked her if they had met, she responded with the following: “No! No, I’m a complete and total stranger. Good luck up there. Just remember to say, ‘I do.’”

Luckily this isn’t a plot thread that will be left to dangle, as Jessica Parker Kennedy recently confirmed to Bustle that we will be seeing her character again.

“I’ll be around,” Kennedy said. “You’ll see me at least one more time, I can tell you that. You’ll see me again on the show and things will make more sense.”

“The Flash” is a show that has dealt with time travel quite a bit in the past, however this season time travel hasn’t really been much of a factor. But just because Barry hasn’t been time traveling doesn’t mean other characters haven’t been doing it in the background.

Kennedy noted that only a few people on the set know her character is, and that she’s referred to as “Mystery Girl.”

“No, it’s really funny,” she says. “They have me listed as ‘Mystery Girl’ and I just hang out as Mystery Girl on set. Even [the costume department] are like, ‘Who are you?’ And I’m like: ‘I am Mystery Girl.’ It’s been a very secretive mission and it’s been fun to be a part of.”

Regardless of who she is, it’s nice to know we’ll be seeing Jessica Parker Kennedy return, and hopefully we’ll be getting some answers.

“The Flash” will return with new episodes in January.