Manu Bennett Comments On Deathstroke’s Return To Arrow


This week’s episode of “Arrow” featured the return of Deathstroke, and it was a long time coming. Fans have been waiting years to see Manu Bennett reprise his role as Slade Wilson, and it finally happened this week.

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A few weeks ago Stephen Amell and producer Marc Guggenheim announced that Manu Bennett would be returning as Deathstroke, but then things got weird. Manu Bennett went out of his way to continuously deny that he was returning, and he ended up confusing a lot of people.

Luckily Manu wasn’t telling the truth, as apparently he wanted to keep the return a surprise even though Amell and Guggenheim already shared the news with the world.

Fans were thrilled to see Bennett on “Arrow” this week, and he seems thrilled to be back, he posted the following on Instagram:

“I’m glad that for so many fans of @cw_arrow the return of #Deathstroke came as a surprise. It wasn’t easy but a surprise is what you were all entitled to. And for the spoilers yes SLADE IS BACK!!! On his own terms! Thanks @stephenamell & @marcguggenheim for the teamwork!! @arrowwriters”

What do you want from me, kid? #arrowseasonfinale #Deathstroke @cw_arrow @arrowwriters

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#arrowseasonfinale Like old times? #Deathstroke @cw_arrow @stephenamell @marcguggenheim

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“Arrow” will return next week with “Lian Yu.”