Jay Garrick, Oracle, Constantine And More Rumored For Appearances In New Seasons Of CW TV Shows


For fans of the “Arrowverse” summer is always tough because the CW’s DC TV shows go away. But luckily we are sitting on the crest of San Diego Comic Con which means we’re sure to get some news about what’s in store for the new seasons.

Several casting announcements for “Arrow” and “The Flash” have already been made and many new characters will be joining the universe in the fall. Names such as Wild Cat, Vigilante and more have been confirmed, and Bleeding Cool is reporting that some big names could be making appearances as well.

According to the report sources claim that John Constantine, Oracle and Batwoman are all going to be appearing in CW TV shows in the near future.

The story goes that Batwoman will be a recurring character on “Supergirl.” She will be Maggie Sawyer’s ex and her crime fighting adventures will bring her to National City on occasion.

Rumor has it that Barbara Gordon will also be appearing on “Supergirl” as Oracle and she will form a strong friendship with Kara.

As if that wasn’t cool enough, the report also claims that John Wesley Shipp will be signing a deal similar to John Barrowman (Malcolm Merlyn) and Wentworth Miller (Captain Cold) which would make them series regulars on all DC TV shows under the CW banner.

When we last left Shipp last season he had assumed the role of Jay Garrick from what he described as Earth-3 and we last saw him assisting Harry Wells and Jesse Quick on their trip back to Earth-2. It was noted that when he does return he will be playing Jay Garrick not Henry Allen.

John Constantine is a character who is rumored to be in consideration for a similar deal depending on how the show does with streaming numbers on CW Seed.