Here’s Who Died On Arrow


The “Arrow” season 5 finale ended with a massive cliffhanger. After Adrian Chase shot himself in the head, Lian Yu exploded with everyone except Oliver and his son William on the island, and fans were left to wonder who survived the explosion. All of the questions were answered in the “Arrow” season 6 premiere on Thursday night.

The episode featured flashbacks from after the explosion, and as Oliver went searching for survivors on Lian Yu he found Slade Wilson who told him he knew where Thea was. Oliver found Thea unconscious, but she was alive. It was revealed later in the episode that Thea is currently in a coma.

As Oliver was checking on Thea, William’s mother, Samantha Clayton, appeared and Oliver went to help her. She died in his arms and with her last dying breath she asked Oliver to take care of William.

All of the other Team Arrow members survived, although the survivors do have emotional scars.

Diggle has some sort of psychological damage and seems to be dealing with PTSD. He hesitated to shoot enemies in the season premiere, and he later volunteered to stay behind when the team went out on a mission.

Given that the show picked up five months after the explosion, it appears that Thea has been in a coma since the season 5 finale and shows no signs of snapping out of it at this point in time.

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“Arrow” will return next Thursday on the CW.