Green Arrow Kills (SPOILER), Major Character Returns In The Arrow Midseason Finale


The episode opened up with Artemis giving the addresses of Team Arrow to Prometheus. He told her that he doesn’t want to kill Oliver Queen, he wants to make him wish he was dead.

Oliver Queen, Susan Williams, Felicity, Detective Malone, Curtis and his boyfriend were all celebrating at the mayor’s holiday party at City Hall when Curtis decided to call it a night. Outside City Hall, Prometheus attacked Curtis, and he ended up in the hospital. Curtis and Oliver realized that Prometheus knows their identities.

The show flashed back to four years ago to a scene where Oliver and Diggle were back at the foundry looking into a tuberculosis outbreak. Oliver pointed out that after the outbreak, a man named Justin Clayborne who owned a pharmaceutical company jacked up the price for the drug needed to cure the victims. Diggle said it was disgusting, but not illegal. Oliver pointed out that Justin was on his father’s list, so he was going after him anyway. Diggle argued with him but Oliver carried on.

Felicity discovered that Prometheus injected Curtis with the same drug that Justin Clayborne owned the rights to, so the team decided to check out the Clayborne Pharmaceuticals building.

Prometheus set a trap for Green Arrow, and Arrow thinking Prometheus is Justin Clayborne, told him, “Justin Clayborne, you have failed this city.” Prometheus called him Oliver Queen, then Oliver shot an arrow at him and Prometheus split it in half with a throwing star.

Prometheus beat down Green Arrow and then Wild Dog made the save. Unfortunately for him Artemis made the save for Prometheus, then she disappeared with him.

The team uncovered some ashes from the scene, and discovered that they belonged to Justin Clayborne. The show then went to a flashback of the Arrow attacking Clayborne Pharmaceuticals.

In the past, Oliver told Clayborne he has until the next night to lower the price of the drug, then he shot him in the leg with an arrow.

In the present, Detective Malone investigated the Clayborne Pharmaceuticals building and found a lock box. He picked the lock then found a picture of a child, he took a picture of the picture and sent it to Felicity. Prometheus appeared then the show cut to commercial.

Felicity tried to analyze the picture of the baby at the lair.

In the past, Oliver discovered that Clayborne was connected to a black market group, and that he was helping them to create bioweapons. Diggle tried to make Oliver feel guilty for wanting to kill Clayborne. He told him that someday his actions might have some unintended consequences.

In the present, Adrian Chase told mayor Oliver Queen that Detective Malone has been abducted. Chase told Oliver he wants a shoot to kill order out on Prometheus. He went on one of his Vigilante rants, and Oliver told him to do it, and to tell the police that holiday hours are revoked.

Felicity discovered that the photo was of Clayborne’s illegitimate son, who should be about 30 years old today. She said the records she found did not provide a name. Oliver told Diggle that he warned him there would be unintended consequences, and he didn’t listen. Oliver told him that one of the moves Prometheus used on him during the beat down was taught to him by a woman in Russia, then he told Felicity that Malone had been abducted.

Speedy suited up and gave Oliver a pep talk out on the streets. The show flashed back to a scene of Felicity holding a red pen, as Oliver asked her for help finding the AK Desmond Group back at Queen Consolidated and she found it.

In the present, Oliver remembered the address, and he told Speedy that he was going to deal with it alone.

The show cut back and forth between the flashbacks and the present, as Oliver walked through the building, and we finally saw him shoot Claymore with an arrow and kill him as his body fell into a pool. In the present, Green Arrow found Prometheus in front of the same pool.

They jumped off the rooftop and ended up repelling through a window to the floor below. Prometheus led Oliver into a section of mirrors then told him that everything he touches dies. Oliver shot Prometheus with three arrows then checked his body. He discovered that it was not Prometheus, but Detective Malone all tied up, with a Prometheus device playing the voice of Prometheus attached to his chest. Prometheus tricked Oliver into killing Detective Malone.

Back at the lair, Felicity asked Oliver if he found Billy, and he had to tell her that he killed Billy. He told her that there’s no way he could have known it was him, and he apologized.

Oliver told them that Prometheus is right, everyone he loves dies, and they should all get far away from him. But everyone disagreed and hugged him.

Diggle got a call from Lyla telling him to come to the safe house because something was wrong with their son.

Oliver visited Susan Williams in the middle of the night. She offered him a drink, and she poured Russian vodka. Oliver gave her a sob story about how he ruins people’s lives. The show cut to a shot of Curtis crying because his boyfriend dumped him for being on Team Arrow, Felicity crying because her boyfriend is dead, and Diggle barging into the safe house only to find many soldiers pointing guns at him.

Oliver Queen returned to the lair all by himself to see someone standing, staring at the suits. The person turned around and it turned out to be Laurel Lance. She said, “hi Ollie” and smiled as the show ended.