Grant Gustin Reveals How He Films His Running Scenes For The Flash


“The Flash” is a show about the fastest man alive, so naturally the series features a lot of scenes of people running.

Grant Gustin is the star of the show, so he’s front and center for most of the scenes, but Gustin recently revealed during an appearance on Conan that he doesn’t actually run anymore.

“The Flash” star revealed that when he first joined the series, he would run on a treadmill while attached to a harness in order to film the running scenes. But he later pointed out that he doesn’t actually need to run, because all of the shots that show him running only show his body from the waist up.

So what does Grant Gustin do now? He went on to say that he pretty much just stands in place and moves his arms a lot while he’s being filmed from the waist up. He also gave a hilarious demonstration for Conan, Andy, Dax Shepard and the live studio audience. Check it out below.

“The Flash” will return on Tuesday with “Lose Yourself.”