Why Gideon Is Going To Appear In The Physical Form Again On DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow


The team on DC’s “Legends of Tomorrow” has gone through some big changes throughout the course of two and half seasons, but Gideon has been there from the beginning. Gideon has been a guiding light for the team of misfit superheroes, and even though she’s technically an Artificial Intelligence created by Barry Allen, she has manifested in the physical form before.

It looks like fans will be seeing Gideon in the physical form once again this season, as Amy Pemberton who voices Gideon on the show recently told TV Line that she will be trying to help Zari.

“[It] is very much about Zari and her learning her place within the team, and Gideon’s basically manifested herself to help her figure out where she fits in the team.”

However, Zari isn’t going to be all that thrilled to meet Gideon face to face.

“Given the context of [it], I think she will initially be quite pissed off…. The way that Gideon enters Zari’s world is perplexing and makes her pretty mad at first!”

DC’s “Legends of Tomorrow” will return with a new episode on Monday.