The Flash Set To Add 3 More Metahumans


“The Flash” season 4 has been an interesting ride so far and most of the season has focused on Team Flash and their battle with The Thinker. Team Flash have been going up against new metahumans who were unknowingly created by Barry Allen at the beginning of the season, and now it looks like three more are set to be introduced in the weeks to come.

That Hashtag Show reports that Null, Crucifier and The Folding Man are set to appear on the show, and the character breakdowns read as follows:

“[NULL] Female, mid 20s, African American. An accomplished jewel thief who has escaped capture for a long time. Has the ability to manipulate gravity. Sassy, but dangerous. RECURRING GUEST STAR”

“[CRUCIFER] The leader of the Tenth Circle, Crucifer is a scarred brute who fights Breacher (Danny Trejo). No lines.”

“[EDWIN] Male, 30s, Open Ethnicity. A hippie-type, Edwin has his life upended when he develops a power that makes him very hard to track.”

Clifford DeVoe has been using the bus metas who were created at the beginning of the season, and he’s been taking on their powers after transferring his mind into their bodies.

No word on exactly when each character will appear, but it looks like Team Flash will want to get to these new metas before DeVoe does, or else he will become even more powerful.

“The Flash” will return with a new episode Tuesday night on the CW.