Why The Final Season Of Game Of Thrones Won’t Air In 2018 According To HBO


“Game of Thrones” fans have been committed to the show for several years, and now fans are waiting for the payoff as the series has set up its endgame with one finale season left to air.

Unfortunately fans are going to have to wait much longer than they would like for the final season, as it’s been confirmed that season 8 won’t premiere on HBO until sometime in 2019.

HBO Programming chief Casey Bloy recently spoke to The Wrap at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, and he noted that the network is focused on giving the writers the time they need to do the story “they’re most proud of” and that HBO will be giving them what they need instead of rushing them.

“We are very much talent-first. We respond to talent. Dave and [Weiss] write scripts that are great, that they’re happy with, that we’re thrilled with. We have a fantastic production team at HBO and on the ground on Game of Thrones. And when they get together and basically assess, like, ‘OK, here are the scripts we have. Here’s what it’s gonna take to produce it. Here’s special effects. Here’s finishing the cuts’ and all that. They came to us with their estimate of when it can be ready. Could we force them to do something — to come back early? I suppose we could force it. No. 1, that’s not what we do; and No. 2, we have a relationship where we trust each other. If they tell us, ‘This is the time we need,’ we’re gonna give them the time they need.”

This certainly isn’t the answer that fans won’t to here, but nevertheless it’s probably the right move as the pressure is on to deliver a massive final season.