Danielle Panabaker On If Caitlyn Blames Barry For Her Powers, Why She’s Afraid Of Killer Frost


If you’ve been watching “The Flash” this season then you’re probably well aware that Barry Allen messed up the timeline. He changed some things that can not be unchanged, and one of the people who was affected by Barry’s time traveling adventure was Caitlyn Snow.

We’ve seen over the last couple of episodes that Caitlyn is developing powers similar to her Earth-2 counterpart Killer Frost. However, unlike Killer Frost, Danielle Panabaker recently explained to EW that Caitlyn wants nothing to do with these powers.

“After hearing [about], and briefly meeting, Killer Frost at the end of season 2, I think she’s terrified that could be her future. She said to Cisco at the end of last season, “I’m scared, I don’t want to become her,” as she was suffering from her PTSD after everything with Zoom. It is something that she’s very afraid of and cognizant of and trying to avoid.”

Given that Barry altered everyone’s world without them knowing, it would be easy for the characters on the show to point their fingers at him. Although Caitlyn doesn’t seem too thrilled about her powers, Panabaker says that she doesn’t think Caitlyn will place the blame on Barry.

“I don’t think that Caitlin Snow is angry at Barry. This is her reality. After learning about Flashpoint and that Barry did run back in time, that’s new information, but that’s not the foundation of who she is and her life experience. This is her life, these are the cards she was dealt. Does she wish it was something different? Probably, but I don’t think she’s angry at Barry for doing this.”

“The Flash” airs Tuesday nights on the CW.