Concept Art For The Flash Shows A Different Look For Jesse Quick’s Suit

Photo: Katie Yu/The CW

Jesse Quick recently returned to Earth-1 on “The Flash” and her father, Earth-2 Harrison Wells, revealed that she has fully functioning powers.

Wells turned to Barry Allen for assistance, and Barry was more than happy to take Jessie under her wing.

As far as being a hero goes, Jesse still has a lot to learn, but she didn’t look half bad standing and/or running alongside The Flash himself. Everyone knows that to be a hero you have to look the part, and luckily Jesse Quick was given her very own suit.

Most fans will likely agree that the suit looks great, but it could have looked slightly different.

Artist Andy Poon recently released some concept art that he worked on for the show, and the art shows a slightly modified Jesse Quick costume. You can see in one picture that the mask is slightly different, and two other pictures also show an altered chest area with no Flash emblem.

Check it out below.

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The Flash will return next week with “Monster.”

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