Colton Haynes Returning As Series Regular For Arrow Season 7

roy harper

Colton Haynes has always been a fan favorite among “Arrow” fans, and fans were thrilled to see Roy Harper return to the show in season 6. Luckily we’ll be seeing a lot more of Roy Harper in season 7, because it was confirmed today that he’ll be returning as a series regular.

“We’re very fortunate and excited to welcome back Colton to Arrow. While we’ve always enjoyed Colton’s returns to the show, we couldn’t be more thrilled to have him return as a proper series regular and we’re very excited about all the creative opportunities Roy Harper’s return affords us,” the executive producers of “Arrow” said in a joint statement.

With the way things are going it looks like Oliver Queen is probably going to need some backup when “Arrow” returns in the fall, so hopefully this means we’ll be seeing Arsenal and the Green Arrow fight side by side on a regular basis.

“I could not be happier to return to my role as Roy Harper alongside my Arrow family,” Haynes said.

When we last saw Roy he decided to join Thea and Nyssa on their quest to destroy the three Lazarus Pits that Malcolm Merlyn had discovered.

It was confirmed that their departure was meant to be a send off for Willa Holland who plays Thea on the show, so it will be interesting to see if Roy makes any reference to their journey when he returns.

“Arrow” will return with “Fundamentals” on Thursday.