Arrow Star Wants The Show To Crossover With Gotham


The “Arrow” season 6 midseason finale is set to air this week, and season 6 has been an interesting ride so far. It’s featured some big moments, and one of the biggest moments everyone’s been talking about over the last few weeks is when Oliver Queen name dropped Bruce Wayne during a press conference.

Fans have been hoping to see Batman appear in the “Arrowverse” for years, and the casual name drop was at least confirmation that Bruce Wayne does exist in the TV universe.

DC have been doing big things with their TV shows, and last week all four of the shows on the CW came together for “Crisis On Earth-X.”

But the CW isn’t the only network with a DC television show, and over the weekend at Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in San Jose, “Arrow” star Echo Kellum said that he would love to see “Gotham” crossover with the show at some point.

“But like, yeah like Superman coming in on Supergirl, it really is amazing the array of characters that have been able to be involved in, you know, the DCTV universe or whatnot and I would love to see us even, you know, mess around with Gotham and you know all these properties that are under Warner Bros, it would be really cool.”

Obviously a crossover with “Gotham” could present some big issues in terms of continuity, but luckily thanks to the multiverse just about any type of crossover can easily be explained.

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