Arrow EP Teases That The Season 6 Finale Will Change The Show


“Arrow” season 6 is starting to move toward its endgame, and each week is bringing us closer and closer to the finale.

Stephen Amell has teased that the season finale will do something that can’t be undone on “Arrow” and fans have been trying to figure out exactly what that means.

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim recently spoke to EW about what fans can expect, and he said that the finale starts shooting next week, and he also teased that it will fundamentally change the show.

“It’s gonna be interesting, It’s very, you know, I’ve been saying it’s an unconventional kind of finale. It still feels very much like a season finale. When I first started talking about it we hadn’t written the darn thing yet, but now we’ve written it and we’re in prep on it and on Monday we start shooting. And it’s a real game-changer.”

Guggenheim went on to say that he hopes fans will be surprised when they see what the show has in store.

“The show fundamentally changes in the finale and I think you’ll see there’s stuff that we were seeding back in the season premiere that finally comes to fruition here in the season finale, so you’ll see that there was a very specific plan to the entire season,” Guggenheim said. “We always knew this is where we were headed to. Hopefully in subtle ways, we have been teasing this all along without you realizing it. My hope is that people are surprised, but also look back and are like ‘oh, that was kind of the only way that they could have ended the season.'”

Guggenheim’s words are very intriguing, and it’s interesting to note that he specifically mentioned that a seed was planted during the season premiere.

The moment that stands out the most from the season premiere was definitely the ending which caused Oliver to fear the worst after he turned on the TV and saw an unmasked photo of himself wearing the Green Arrow costume on the news.

Since then various people have been closing in on his secret identity with Samandra Watson leading the charge.

Several characters have openly told Oliver that they believe he’s the Green Arrow recently on the show, which makes one wonder how much longer he will able to keep his identity a secret.

With Amell and Guggenheim teasing that the finale will change the show and do something shocking that can’t be undone, Oliver Queen publicly revealing his identity to the world doesn’t seem all that far fetched anymore.

What do you think, will Oliver reveal his identity? What will be the big moment in the finale that everyone’s talking about when it all comes to an end? sound off in the comments below.