A Guy Got His Dad To Reenact All The Summons From Final Fantasy VII And It’s Pretty Awesome


“Final Fantasy VII” is classic game and for many people it’s the reason they bought a Sony Playstation in the first place. One of the greatest things about the game was without a doubt all of the epic summon sequences. They were always so intense and totally worth draining your MP just so you could watch Bahamut, Shiva, Ifrit and others demolish your enemies.

Now comedian Nick Luciano is paying tribute to the classic summon sequences by using his dad to recreate them. Nick’s dad has a little bit of experience with this type of thing as he’s previously recreated animations from “Super Smash Bros.” and “Street Fighter II.”

Nick’s dad doesn’t just give it a solid effort either, he really goes for the gold here with these summons. Armed with what looks like a mop of some kind, he mimics the motions of Ramuh, Odin and even the legendary Kings of the Round. If you’re a fan of “Final Fantasy VII” you will not be disappointed.

Check it out below.