Killer Frost Is Necessary For Savitar To Pull Off His Plan


It’s been a long time coming, but on this week’s episode of “The Flash” fans are finally going to find out who Savitar is. That’s right, his or her identity will finally be revealed in “I Know Who You Are” and anticipation for the reveal is at an all time high.

In last week’s episode Savitar revealed his identity to Killer Frost, and she immediately pledged her allegiance to him. Danielle Panabaker recently spoke to EW, and she noted that when fans find out who the big bad really is, they’ll understand why Killer Frost was so willing to join him.

“There’s a relationship that exists there that prompts Killer Frost to turn her loyalty to Savitar very quickly,” Panabaker teases. “Once it becomes clear who Savitar is, you start to understand why Killer Frost aligned with him so quickly. Killer Frost’s quick alignment with Savitar informs a lot of the decisions that she makes.”

One of the popular fan theories making the rounds at the moment names Ronnie Raymond as a possible candidate for Savitar, and Panabaker’s comments seem to lend a little more weight to the theory.

Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg commented on Killer Frost’s connection with Savitar, and he revealed that she will play a vital role in helping Savitar succeed.

“How lost is Caitlin that she’s willing to do what Savitar needs her to do?” Kreisberg notes. “She plays a unique part. He’s not just looking for an evil cohort; she’s actually necessary for him to pull off his plans.”

“The Flash” will return with “I Know Who You Are” on Tuesday, May 2.