The Flash EP Teases A Massive Twist For The Season Finale


The members of Team Flash have been backed into a corner, and now that DeVoe’s enlightenment is underway, the team will have one last chance to take him down in the finale this week.

Fans who have watched the last three season finales of “The Flash” are probably well aware that the episodes usually feature a few big twists, and this year’s finale will be no different.

Executive producer Todd Helbing recently spoke to EW about tonight’s finale, and he teased a “massive twist” while teasing that this is the biggest episode of the show in terms of visual effects.

“Basically the team has run out of options. Every avenue they’ve gone down, they’ve come up with nothing, and Barry can’t defeat him physically and the team is dwindling with their powers. Killer Frost is still not a part of Caitlin, and Harry is losing his intelligence more and more. They just don’t have a lot of ways to stop him. At the top of the episode, they’re gonna toss a Hail Mary. They come up with this crazy scheme to stop the Thinker in a way that we have never seen them fight a villain before. During that, there is a massive twist. I know we say this every year, but this is by far the biggest episode that we’ve done on a visual effects level, and in conjunction with story level. I would say it’s an Inception-inspired episode.”

When asked to expand on what fans can expect in the finale, Helbing teased that Barry’s consciousness will be sent into DeVoe’s.

“In the last episode, Iris and Harry, or what remained of Harry, went and tracked down Marlize and convinced her to come back and join the fight against her husband. So she comes up with this idea that the only way that they can take him down is to go into his mind and find the good part that’s left in him and appeal to whatever good is left of DeVoe. At one point in his career, he was a teacher who wanted to teach people and better humanity. Once he got corrupted by the dark matter and became The Thinker, all of his humanity was swept aside. She knows though, being married to him, that there is good that’s left in, or thinks that there’s good that’s left in him. She convinces Barry and the team that that’s the only way that they can take him down. So they literally send Barry’s consciousness into DeVoe’s. And when he gets in there, things aren’t quite as he thinks things are gonna be.”

“The Flash” season 4 finale will air tonight on the CW.