The Flash EP On If It Was Always The Plan To Bring Back (SPOILER)


Team Flash added a new member in season 4 when Barry Allen recruited Ralph Dibny, and eventually he teamed up with The Flash to fight crime as The Elongated Man.

But Ralph Dibny seemingly lost his life when his powers were absorbed by The Thinker, but he was resurrected in the finale.

After Barry entered Clifford DeVoe’s consciousness, we learned that Ralph was trapped inside DeVoe’s mind and he was once again able to inhabit the body DeVoe stole from him after he was rescued by Barry.

When Ralph was first killed off, it seemed that he was gone for good, but executive producer Todd Helbing told EW that it was always in the plan to bring him back.

“Oh, yeah. From the beginning of the season, we wanted DeVoe to hop into other people and then to finally get to Ralph, and really play it like he was dead. That was what we walked partly through at the beginning. So it was always the plan to kill him and then bring him back to join the team at the end, and then to be part of the next season.”

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