Terry Crews Says He Would Like To Play The Silver Surfer


In a recent Ask Me Anything session on Reddit, Terry Crews said was asked which super hero he might be interested in playing if he had the chance. He mentioned that he was a big fan of Luke Cage and he’s happy with Michael Colter being cast in the role. He then went on to talk about how he would like to play the Silver Surfer.

“Again… it’s hard to pick a favorite super-hero. I always did love Luke Cage, and I’m really, really happy about who they cast in the Netflix version of Luke Cage. So that’s something that’s already done. But you know who else I’d like to play? The Silver Surfer. I always LOVED – I thought I had the build, the body, I could get on that surfboard, and if they ever do a live-action version of Silver Surfer, I think that would be perfect for me.”