Stephen Amell Teases Oliver Possibly Getting Super Powers On Arrow


When “Arrow” first launched it was in a world of its own, but that world has since expanded into an entire television universe, and things are very different now.

Now the “Arrowverse” includes quite a few metahumans who utilize super powers, but underneath the hood the Green Arrow is still just a man.

However, according to Stephen Amell, that could be changing soon.

During a recent Q&A panel at Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in Nashville, Amell was asked what super power he would like to see Oliver use, and that’s when he teased that super powers might be in Oliver’s future.

“I think that there might be a way for Oliver to have a super power this year.” Amell said via He also joked that “The CW gets more and more nervous” thanks to his comments.

The “Arrow” season 6 finale is set to air on Thursday, and it’s been teased that the episode will fundamentally change the show forever.

Whether or not that means Oliver will be getting super powers remains to be seen, but the future of “Arrow” is looking more and more intriguing as the series heads into its seventh season in the fall.