Oliver Queen Reveals His Identity To (SPOILER) In Arrow Season Finale


For most of “Arrow” season 6, Oliver Queen and company worked hard to take down Ricardo Diaz, but their efforts just weren’t enough. Eventually Diaz managed to infiltrate every level of Star City’s infrastructure, so Oliver made a deal with FBI agent Samandra Watson in an effort to take back his city.

In the “Arrow” season 6 finale, Team Arrow joined forces with the FBI, and even though they managed to halt Diaz’s operation, the big bad still managed to get away in the end.

But the fact that Diaz got away didn’t change the deal Oliver made with Watson, as he agreed to be locked away in order to get her help cleaning up Star City.

At the end of the episode, the FBI arrested Oliver Queen, and before he was locked away, the press asked him why he was being arrested.

That’s when Oliver Queen admitted to the whole world that he’s the Green Arrow, and he said that Roy Harper and Tommy Merlyn (Human Target) were just covering for him when they confessed to being the infamous vigilante. He called on his allies to continue defending Star City while he’s locked up.

Prior to the finale it was teased that the episode would do something that can’t be undone, and it appears that this was it.

Now the whole world knows Oliver is the Green Arrow, and it seems that there’s no turning back.

We’ll have to wait and see how this plays out when “Arrow” returns for its 7th season in the fall.