Katie Cassidy On Black Siren Possibly Working With Team Arrow

black siren

Katie Cassidy officially returned as a series regular for “Arrow” season 6, and she’s had a big role to play as Black Siren. Laurel Lance’s Earth-2 doppelganger has been one of the main villains of the season, but from time to time it’s been teased that she could be redeemed.

Katie recently talked about Black Siren’s future on the show during an interview with Comicbook.com, and she teased that we could be seeing an alliance between her and Team Arrow at some point.

“I think, the team, she could definitely be of service to, if they trust her.” Cassidy continued. “I think that’d be a really interesting situation, if the writers decide to go with that route. But I think her having the ability to be this chameleon, and change personalities, and go undercover and in disguise and be this female Jason Bourne is great.”

Black Siren recently turned on Ricardo Diaz, so one way or another it doesn’t look like she’ll be working with him from here on out.

It sounds like we could be seeing some signs of a possible redemption in the finale, as a fan recently noted on Twitter that she met Stephen Amell and he told her that he has some good scenes with Black Siren in the episode.

The “Arrow” season 6 finale will air Thursday night on the CW.