DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Star Confirms They’re Returning For Season 4


The Legends had to say goodbye to quite a few familiar faces in season 3 of DC’s “Legends of Tomorrow.”

Stein was killed off, Jax left the team, Rip Hunter was seemingly killed off, Leo Snart joined the team for a brief stint then left, and it’s been confirmed that Wally West will be leaving as well.

The Waverider has always had a revolving door policy, and perhaps one of the more heartbreaking goodbyes came at the end of the season when Amaya broke off her relationship with Nate, then left the team and returned to her time.

When season 3 came to an end, fans were left to wonder if we would be seeing Amaya again, but Maisie Richardson-Sellers has confirmed that she will be a part of season 4, and she encouraged fans to tune into the Legends panel during Comic Con on July 21st.

Amaya had been a key member of the team since season 2, so it’s nice to know she’ll be returning in some shape or form.

Either way the show must go on, and John Constantine and Ava Sharpe will both be series regulars when “Legends” returns in October.