Ben Affleck Reportedly Turned Down Offer To Direct DC’s Flashpoint Movie


It’s not big secret that the DCEU hasn’t been the success that DC and Warner Bros. have hoped it would become. Several of the films released from the franchise have done well at the box office, but they’ve been torn apart by fans and critics alike.

It certainly doesn’t help that it’s been rumored for quite some time that Ben Affleck wants out of the franchise entirely, and he hasn’t done much to convince the public otherwise.

But DC and Warner Bros. are moving forward with “Aquaman” set to hit theaters this year, and last summer it was confirmed that a “Flashpoint” movie is in the works.

It was recently revealed that “Flashpoint” now has two directors, as “Spider-Man: Homecoming” writers John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein have signed on to helm the film.

However, it seems that the studio originally had another name in mind, as Variety’s Justin Kroll is reporting that the job was offered to Ben Affleck, but he turned it down.

It certainly doesn’t seem that Ben Affleck is all that enthusiastic about the DCEU these days, but he is expected to appear as Batman in the “Flashpoint” film.

Rumor has it that “Flashpoint” could be his farewell to the franchise, but luckily all of the timeline changing antics attached to the story will give Warner Bros. and DC an easy loophole to make any necessary changes if he does decide to leave.