Batwoman And Gotham City Are Joining The Arrowverse In The Next Crossover


The annual “Arrowverse” crossover has become one of the most anticipated television events, and fans have been wondering how the CW will possibly be able to top the “Crisis On Earth-X” crossover from last year.

Well, the hype level for the next crossover is already at an all time high, as Stephen Amell announced at the CW’s upfront presentation on Thursday that the Kate Kane version of Batwoman will be joining the “Arrowverse” in December.

“We’re incredibly excited to announce that we’ll be doing another crossover event this fall on the CW, and we’ll be introducing a new character,” Amell said via EW. “For the very first time appearing, we’ll be fighting alongside Batwoman, which is terrific. The crossover is going to make it to air in December. I need to leave right now and start filming it.”

CW president Mark Pedowitz also confirmed Gotham City will be part of the crossover.

“We are adding the city of Gotham into the Arrowverse,” CW boss Mark Pedowitz added. “This will be another full-throttled, action-packed event.”

Story details regarding the next crossover haven’t been revealed yet, but it’s likely that we’ll be finding out more when San Diego International Comic Con kicks off in July.

The “Arrow” season finale airs tonight on the CW.